Best Skin Care Resolutions

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Best Skin Care Resolutions

Best Skin Care Resolutions

The New Year brings new beginnings and there’s no better time to make a commitment to your overall health and the best skin care resolutions. By adding these skin resolutions to your list of this year’s must-do’s, you’ll be taking the rights steps towards a healthier you.“I will moisturize after every bath and shower.”

Bathing or showering in hot water for long periods of time can be drying to your skin. The hot water can strip your skin of natural moisture, which is why it’s important to make a promise to yourself to moisturize with cream or lotion after each bath or shower. This helps seal in the moisture you skin needs to stay healthy looking year-round. To help protect and replenish your skin’s moisture barrier and to prevent dry skin, you can also add a drop of Glaxal Base cream to your bath water.

“I will wear sunscreen everyday.”

Sun damage can be very serious and is often characterized by dry skin, sunburn, premature aging, sunspots, and can even lead to skin cancer[i], which is why wearing sunscreen everyday is one of the most important resolutions to make for yourself. Be sure to wear a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15[ii] or more daily and if you have sensitive skin, choose a lighter SPF formulation, such as Glaxal Base Lotion SPF 15.

“I will take better care of my hands.”

It’s a fact that most of us neglect our hands. With cleaners, chemicals, detergents and harsh soaps everywhere around us, our hands are often put through a lot or stress. Making a resolution to take better care of your hands is essential to the health of your skin. Protect your skin by applying Barriere Silicone Skin Cream to protect against the drying effects of household products and chemicals and moisturize daily with a restorative cream like Glaxal Base Moisturizing Cream to help keep your hands in top shape.

“I will drink plenty of water.”

If there is one resolution that you should stick to this year, it’s this one. Drinking plenty of water is an important factor in maintaining the health of your skin. Staying hydrated by drinking water throughout the day will not only help brighten your skin but it will help you retain the moisture your skin requires.

“I will manage stress.”

Although stress-management can be seen as a lifetime resolution, taking it one year at a time can help you focus in on what you need to do to stay healthy. Stress can manifest itself many different ways and in some cases your skin will show the signs. Although stress itself may not always be the direct trigger of skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea or acne, it can bring on symptoms that may worsen an existing condition.[iii] Finding things that help you de-stress can be one of the best things you can do for yourself this year.

Which skin care resolutions will you be sticking to?

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