Psoriasis Cream: Taking Control

October, 2012 by WellSkin | Posted under: Articles

If you suffer from psoriasis you know that the condition can be problematic and may cause increased stress levels, even many medical treatments can be, to some degree, tedious, expensive, and even painful.

Although psoriasis is often unpredictable and irregular, being mindful of triggers and taking a few cautionary steps can help you better manage your condition by using Glaxal* Base Psoriasis Cream: Taking Control.

Moisturize Daily

Dry skin can be a trigger for psoriasis flares and living with the dry, red patches of psoriasis can be unpleasant for some but there are several over-the-counter restorative creams that can help. To help with your condition, try moisturizing with a restorative cream like Glaxal Base after bathing. Doing so will help rehydrate and soothe your skin helping to alleviate the discomfort associated with the dryness and cracking that accompanies the symptoms of psoriasis.

Watch your Diet

Having a healthy diet not only contributes to your overall health but, by extension, it may help manage your psoriasis flare-ups. Keep in mind that no diet is the same for everyone – find what works for you, however as a general rule of thumb try to choose healthier options when preparing your snacks and meals to help strengthen your immune system. Try eating more fruits and vegetables, consume less sugar and salt and try to stay away from hydrogenated fats. As with all diet and nutritional needs, be sure to discuss any changes or concerns with your doctor.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

There is no solid evidence that increased alcohol intake leads to the development of psoriasis, but there is some belief that people with psoriasis who abuse alcohol may notice a worsening of their condition. Considering the reduction of alcohol consumption if you have psoriasis can be a path to better health and thus helping you to better manage your condition.

By taking these health-conscious steps, you can help take control of your psoriasis. Just remember, not all recommendations are right for everyone. Overall it’s important that you try to live a healthy lifestyle but also that you find what works for you, your skin and what helps alleviate your condition.