The 5Ws of Unscented Lotions

November, 2013 by WellSkin | Posted under: Articles

An unscented lotion is the first line of defense for people with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis or undergoing radiation therapy. In comparison to creams, which contain higher amounts of emollients, lotions are lightweight, non-greasy and ideal for daily moisturizing. Daily moisturizing helps nourish your skin and protect against environmental stressors. A good moisturizing lotion will rehydrate your skin and seal in moisture, helping it to look and feel healthier. For times when your skin needs extra care or at nighttime, use a moisturizing lotion which contains Vitamin E.

When choosing an unscented lotion, look for products that don’t contain perfumes or other chemical irritants.

Glaxal Base moisturizing lotion contains only ten ingredients and the first one is water! Products approved by the Eczema Society of Canada have been reviewed by dermatologists and we are proud to be on the list of approved products. In fact, doctors and pharmacists have been recommending Glaxal Base products to patients for over 40 years.